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    Thank you for letting us know, I'm so excited about this ;w;Skeptical, admittedly, but for a chan...

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    Official "hi I'm New" Topic

    Sambo - Oct 18 2014 02:24 AM

    Nice concise history Serperion.  Welcome to the forums.  :geek:  Any questions - j...

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    Official "hi I'm New" Topic

    Serperion - Oct 17 2014 12:36 PM

    Hello I'm  new, hence why I'm posting here. My name is Serperion a remix of the Pokemon...

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    Rct2 Not Working

    beginner2 - Oct 09 2014 07:28 AM

    Not meaning to hijack this, but I've tried to get RCT2 (the old, CD edition) to run on Windows 8...

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    Rct2 Not Working

    rcthelp - Oct 07 2014 07:02 PM

    So the first thing I would do is let STEAM run in Windows 8 mode. I don't see why STEAM needs to...

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Rollercoaster Tycoon World Announced For Early 2015 Release

13 Aug 2014

Posted By Sambo in Announcements

Check out the article from IGN right here

  564 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Moth )


Rct2 Not Working

05 Oct 2014

Posted By Stampede in RCT 2 Technical Assistance

Whenever I Try To Run RCT2 It Starts But Then Goes Black And Minimizes (I Am Running Win 7 Compatibility Mode)

  227 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by beginner2 )


Is It Possible To Make A Profitable Park?

18 Sep 2011

Posted By Deathsarthe in Tips and Tricks
My question is, is it possible to make a signifanct and consistant profit per month with a park setup that is Free Rides/Entrance Fee?

Alright... I got a lot to go through because I've tried several different approaches to the matter. About two months ago I've started a "concept park" where I build things and test them among guests. But recently I've been really working with it a lot. Right now the park is at year 76 - with about 73 years in operation. The park has come a long way. I've got 14 roller coasters within 120 different attractions. Attendance usually hovers at 3,000 guests - as most parks do - with the admission fee set at $50. Per month I can expect 1.5-2k profit at the gate.

I also just got done with a huge downsizing, sacking about 25-30 employees. I definitely think the park was over staffed, but I'm saving 2k a month. Before the downsize staff wages would ring at more than $4,000 per month - post-downsizing it sits right at $2.6k per month. I barely have enough mechanics to keep rides running and inspected, and I barely have enough handymen to keep the park spotless. Though I'm running very thin, I do have all areas of the park and all the attractions covered by staff. However, I can expect some rides to not be fixed as at any given time 4 or 5 attractions could be down and often times within the territory of a single mechanic.

As with sacking a bunch of employees, I've also demolished several stalls - most of which were ice cream stalls and souvenir shops (hats/t-shirts/sunglasses/ect.). Anything with a negative dollar per hour income or a negative profit was demolished. I've noticed restocking and running costs have diminished a few hundred dollars per month. The average food shop probably brings in $100 per hour? I've got some that bring in petty cash and some that bring in multiple hundreds of dollars per hour - but most of them are right around $100 per hour. I've got about 50 stalls in operation right now.

Anyway... I've figured that a major loss could be because the average guest hangs around the park for about 40 hours. I've researched this as I've got a weird knack for looking at their time in park. I've also got a handful of guests that have been in the park for over 70 hours that I've been tracking. It makes sense to me that souvenir stalls don't exactly move their product when the majority of guests probably already have most of the different kinds of souvenirs. Park guests just seem so damn stagnant. They come and just don't go away... lol. Only about 1% of the overall population cycle out - meaning only 30 or so guests leave and 30 come back in - giving me the $1.5-$2k gate profit each month.

Oi... that's a lot of information. Maybe I should stop playing RCT lol I've now realized how obsessive I've become. Anyway... I have managed to bring in monthly profits but nothing significant. I think the longest run I've had at bringing in positive income was maybe a year or two because it required so much maintance. However "profit" was between breaking even or making just over $300 a month at best. So I stopped trying for a long time. When I started this park, I had a $5 million fortune and now 76 years later its been diminished to $3.3 million! I've got enough money to last me for about 40 more years Posted Image

Does anyone have any tips? Suggestions? Ideas? Is it possible to make a profitable park with this Free Ride/Entrance Fee setup?

  2,227 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Woodpecker )

  102 Views · 0 Replies

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