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  • SunscreemerPhoto
    Dat Maker 1.1

    Sunscreemer - Sep 09 2016 07:22 AM

    If this works you may be able to get it there (TPR is also good for other lost content for rct2)...

  • vip71Photo
    Wing Coaster Rct2?

    vip71 - Aug 01 2016 03:18 PM

    This site has an intamin wing coaster and a bunch of other coasters and waterslides.I've download...

  • Mr.AmadaeusPhoto
    Wing Coaster Rct2?

    Mr.Amadaeus - Jul 25 2016 11:59 PM

    Hello, I am brand new to this website so stick with me. I just got back from Dollywood, Kentucky...

  • ParkitectPhoto
    My Rct2 Stuff Dumped Onto Google Drive

    Parkitect - Jun 05 2016 03:22 AM

    I was looking through old archive disks for parks to play on open RCT2.  In the process of w...

  • ParkitectPhoto
    Technical Information Depot Is Back!

    Parkitect - May 04 2016 01:04 AM

    If it wasn't for this page, I don't think there would have been any of my trainers.  Good to...

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Dat Maker 1.1

14 Feb 2011

Posted By Austin1400 in RCT2 Discussion
I have entered my objects into the dat maker. I need help on how to put in a image for the description. Any suggestions?

  1,184 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Sunscreemer )


Wing Coaster Rct2?

25 Jul 2016

Posted By Mr.Amadaeus in Coasters
Hello, I am brand new to this website so stick with me. I just got back from Dollywood, Kentucky Kingdom, and Holiday World, and as part of the withdrawal I am back into playing rct2 and have started getting mods which I am also new to. I don't know if this is where to ask or not but does anyone know where I could find a wing coaster mod, like Gatekeep or X Flight? Or if that has even been made for rct2?

  105 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by vip71 )


My Rct2 Stuff Dumped Onto Google Drive

05 Jun 2016

Posted By Parkitect in RCT2 Discussion

I was looking through old archive disks for parks to play on open RCT2.  In the process of which I found a lot of old RCT2 files, including the entire source code for 8 Cars per Trainer.  Back around 2007, I thought about posting a lot of my source code online, but didn't have the space for it.  Now it is easy to do so with the cloud storage on Google Drive.  I went ahead and posted all of the stuff in my archive.  You can now browse my master RCT2 folder and explore. 


Things you may find include:

  • Full source code for the 8cars trainer and many of my other utilties, including the failed SV426 park converter.  Also Includes:
    • A blank park maker that I tried to use for debugging parks created by SV426
    • Source code for Rct2lib.dll, a library used by many of my distributed utilities
    • ParkDat source and release versions
    • Landmark Maker (large scenery) source and release versions. 
    • Palette maker executables and sample BMP files, but no source.
  • All my RCT2 parks of note, many of which are filled with guests and ready for play in OpenRCT2, including
    • An unfinished park with a medieval theme called Medieval Tales, which has a single Camelot themed area and a cool dueling coaster
    • Cactus Mesa, a traditional Amusement park set in the southwestern desert
    • Rival Land, a park based on college football
    • The Great Outdoors and The Continents, two VP runner-up parks with identical layouts in a "Johnland" series
    • The popular Back to the Future park with its RCT2-unfriendly paths.  This park was originally going to be a team deal with the shortlived RCT Golden.
    • recreations of Six Flags over Georgia and Knott's Berry Farm
    • some small contest and experimental parks
    • Sagalax, a sci-fi, story-driven park heavily 'borrowing' from Star Wars, but with my own spin; also a VP runner-up;  instead of paths between themed areas, you have to ride a space ship down a starfield corridor.
    • Sunset Bay, one of the first parks that I started on, and one of the last that I finished.  Started in 2003, finished in 2007.
  • Ride projects including the ones I made for the Sagalax park
  • A giant tech folder including spreadsheets on many RCT1&2 formats, scratch pads where you can see my process for finding data areas, and dumps from file comparing utilities I made for the express purpose of examining changes in files and memory based on simple edits in RCT2.
  • Personal information that I carelessly left in the folders before uploading (I hope not)



  182 Views · 0 Replies


Technical Information Depot Is Back!

21 Aug 2014

Posted By Sambo in Announcements



RCTspace is proud to host Doctor J's Technical Information Depot - home of the RCT2 Object Editor, RCT Save Game Modifier, RCT explorer and other RCT utilities. Having been offline for some time, the TID is now back and has updated information.


Doctor J tells us that this updated version of the Technical Information Depot includes some new information about RCT2 saved game (.SV6) files that he wasn't able to add to the old site.


Didn't you want to know the what the first sixteen bytes of the "DAT File Header" were all about?  :geek: 


  Check it out.

  850 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Parkitect )

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