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Ride Exchange Now Fully Open

29 Aug 2014

Posted By rcthelp in Site Discussion

The Ride Exchange is now fully open again. The advanced search filters and upload features have been renabled after being out of action for nearly 4 years.


OK, so the layout of the screens needs some improvement, and I will get to that, but functionally it all works again. :)


We're looking forward to seeing some new rides you've made in the RCT1 and RCT2 Renaissance driven by STEAM and GOG.

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Uploading A Ride To The Exchange

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

Posted By rcthelp in Miscellaneous

Here's a quick guide to uploading a ride to the Exchange. The new version has a '2 phase' commit that can be a little confusing, so I'd thought I'd write a brief tutorial based on a ride that I've uploaded recently.

  • Click on The Ride Exchange tab
  • Click on the 'Upload a Ride' button
  • Providing you have permissions (you must be a forum member to upload Rides) you get a new screen. There's a lot of text about good and bad practice, but the 4 most important parts are in the screenshot (Click to enlarge it)Attached File  Upload1.png   31.22KB   0 downloads
  • [Mandatory] Select the Track File that you want to upload by clicking the Choose File button
  • [optional] If you have a screenshot in .GIF or .PNG format, select it by clicking the 2nd Choose File button
  • [Optional, but recommended] Tell us something about the ride by typing in the edit window labeled 'Ride Description'. The editor is the same that you use when making posts on the forums, so it should be familiar. Note though that whilst the editor buttons are all there, the Ride Exchange ignores most of them, to try and keep the display of comments about rides consistent. For that reason, it's recommended that you type something in because you will get a chance to change it on the next screen.
  • [Mandatory] To upload the ride, screenshot and comments, click the 'Send to RCTspace.com' button.
  • Click this image for an example of a form that's been populated. I've added a ride called Spin Drier, a screenshot, and made some comments about the ride.Attached File  Upload2.png   48.93KB   0 downloads


Now wait a few seconds while our code gets to work to read you track file and screenshots, to make sure they are OK. If all is good you will see a screen that looks something like this.


Attached File  Upload3.png   128.3KB   0 downloads


The top part of the screen is your ride, screenshot and comment as it will look in the Ride Exchange. Note that uploading is instantaneous. You don't need for any of the site staff to look at your track and get all the stats out of it. It's all done automatically, something that we think is unique in all the RCT fan sites.


The bottom part of the screen is your comments played back at you again. You know have a 2nd chance to change them (or add something if you did not in the first place). Review your edits and click the 'Send to RCTspace.com' button again.


Wait a few seconds and you'll see confirmation that the ride is in the Exchange, and exactly how it will look to other people. On this screen you can click on the thumbnail we've made to see the full-size image, and you can also download your own ride. Why would you want to do that? Well, take a look at the zip you get, and see what we've given you as a thank you.  :ph34r:


Attached File  Upload4.png   152.26KB   0 downloads

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Saving A Screenshot For Using In The Ride Exchange

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

Posted By rcthelp in Miscellaneous

The Ride Exchange accepts screenshots of your rides as long as they are in .PNG or .GIF format. Unfortunately, RCT1 saves screenshots in .PCX format, and RCT2 saves them in .BMP format. This brief tutorial describes how I convert the screenshots.


You don't need anything sophisticated to do this, but even Paint that comes with Windows does not open .PCX files, so you do need another program for RCT1 screenshots. The one I use is IrfanView which can be downloaded from this link. It's free and it works on every version of Windows that RCT1 and RCT2 work on.


After you've downloaded and installed IrfanView, the most difficult thing is to find the screenshots you've made! Whatever the version of RCT1 or RCT2 you have, whether it's from a CD, or on STEAM, or downloaded from GOG, the screenshots that you make in the game are in the same folder as the game itself. So a search on your computer for rct.exe or rct2.exe will find the screenshots. They are named as SCRx.PCX in RCT1 and SCRx.BMP in RCT2, where x is a number. The larger x, the more recently the screenshot was made.


Then all you need to do is load the screenshots into Irfanview, and save them in a different format. At RCTspace, we prefer .PNG as it is a 'lossless' format so the images tend to look better.


The Ride Exchange accepts screenshots in .GIF or .PNG format that are any dimension, but it produces a thumbnail for the Exchange that is a maximum of 254 pixels wide and/or 200 pixels high. If your screenshot is more than 800 pixels wide and/or more than 600 pixels high, it is reduced by us 'on the fly' in a program, so to maximise the quality, it's recommended that you use IrfanView to crop the image or resize it. The IrfanView online help is very good to explain how to do this.

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Save A Track Design With Footpaths/queues

Yesterday, 05:44 PM

Posted By rcthelp in RCT 2 Technical Assistance

I am trying to save a track design to include the queue that was built, and some other scenery. There are 2 weird things going on.

  • Even though I design and test it in the Rollercoaster Designer, and build it at ground level, it absolutely refuses to go in any park at ground level. It's always 5 feet above, on supports.
  • Then in a park, where I place it, then build the entrance and exit, some footpaths and queue tiles, and a few other pieces of scenery, and save it with the scenery, 2 more things happen
    • In the preview mode, the game doesn't show a picture of what it will look like. I don't mean that it shows the ride with some red text about the scenery not being available, I mean no picture at all!
    • When I do place it in the park, the footpaths are 5 feet too low, so placing the entrance and exits back where they were, they don't join up with the paths!

Has anybody else ever seen anything like this?

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