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I'm Making A Scenario Pack With Custom Objects And I...

Today, 05:12 PM

Posted By Geminate Arts in RCT 2 Track & Scenario Editor

I'm making a Scenario Pack that will have custom objects in it but I want to make sure they work so I have a download version of my first scenario up right now to test if they do. I do have "Export plug-in objects with saved games" checked in the game's Options.





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27 Sep 2015

Posted By irrelevant.irreverent in RCT 2 Track & Scenario Editor

Inspired by a set of microcoasters made by someone else (linked here: http://imgur.com/gallery/mdHaj), I set out to make my own! Currently I've made ten of them, including a reverser, side-friction, wooden, mini, corkscrew, giga, inverted hairpin, twister, Virginia reel, and junior, and none have an excitement rating below 4.40. They're all pretty solid rides and generally are slightly cheaper due to their small footprint and short lengths, though the longer trains are better due to throughput. All of them are 10x10, with the exception of the twister coaster, Ninety Looper, named for the space it occupies: ninety spaces.


All ratings are approximate and may vary slightly.


Switcheroo (reverser)



Excitement: 5.00 (Medium)

Intensity: 5.00 (Medium)

Nausea: 3.90 (Medium)


Knight Watch (side-friction)



Excitement: 4.40 (Medium)

Intensity: 5.50 (High)

Nausea: 3.00 (Medium)


Bitty Looper (wooden)



Excitement: 6.50 (High)

Intensity: 6.80 (High)

Nausea: 4.10 (Medium)


Jet Coaster (mini)



Excitement: 5.20 (High)

Intensity: 5.50 (High)

Nausea: 4.00 (Medium)


Thaw (corkscrew)



Excitement: 5.20 (High)

Intensity: 6.20 (High)

Nausea: 2.50 (Low)


Triangulator (giga)



Excitement: 7.20 (High)

Intensity: 4.40 (Medium)

Nausea: 2.50 (Low)


Treeway (inverted hairpin)



Excitement: 7.40 (High)

Intensity: 8.90 (Very high)

Nausea: 5.28 (High)


Ninety Looper (twister)



Excitement: 6.10 (High)

Intensity: 4.60 (Medium)

Nausea: 2.70 (Low)


Cassette (VA reel)



Excitement: 5.40 (High)

Intensity: 5.00 (Medium)

Nausea: 5.50 (High)


Junior Jr. (junior)



Excitement: 4.90 (Medium)

Intensity: 5.40 (High)

Nausea: 3.50 (Medium)


Every ride's path meets at ground level and every ride fits in a 10x10 space including queue and exit paths, as well as scenery. Let me know what you think, tell me what could be improved, and take a look at these rides in this save. I encourage you to try your hand at making some of these - I really enjoyed making the ones I did, and I'll likely make more.

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Adding Objects

26 Nov 2015

Posted By charliep in RCT 2 Technical Assistance

I screwed up. I designed a park, placed all the rides, themed it all up and then found out that I had left out a crucial ride dat.

It is not in the scenario!


Is there a way to add this and make it avaliable imediately.

I made all the rides avaliable at the begining so there is nothing in the research area.


I used ParkDat to add the ride and figured to let the game run and the ride would come up thru research.

But all research checkboxes are blank so it doesn't show up.



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Rollercoaster Tycoon World Release Date Confirmed!

03 Oct 2015

Posted By rcthelp in Announcements

Atari have announced that the next generation of RCT, called Rollercoaster Tycoon World (RTCW) will be released on December 10th. It's available in 3 versions, and can be pre-ordered at http://store.steampo...com/app/282560/ . Initial release will be for PC and Linux, with a Mac version in the works for future release. You can read the official announcement on STEAM http://steamcommunit...499623792383117


People who pre-order will have access to 2 pre-release beta weekends at the end of October and November.


There's a 50+ minute video of the game here. Fast forward to 6 minutes and 5 seconds.


It's possible that the tools for creating User Generated Content (UGC) may be available before the game release. It looks as though (unconfirmed) that only scenery and peeps will be supported initially. Multiplayer will not be part of the first release, but Atari are saying it will come later as a free upgrade.

  231 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Sambo )

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