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  • SamboPhoto
    Downloading Track Packs

    Sambo - Jul 29 2015 07:21 PM

    I believe just the tracks with entrance and exit. You must supply the paths and scenery.

  • ElectricUncleSamPhoto
    Downloading Track Packs

    ElectricUncleSam - Jul 29 2015 05:45 PM

    Before I go ahead, does it save/download just the tracks or the scenery/pathways also?

  • SamboPhoto
    Downloading Track Packs

    Sambo - Jul 29 2015 04:19 PM

    It seems you downloaded them correctly. Once the .zip file is open - copy all the files to a temp...

  • ElectricUncleSamPhoto
    Downloading Track Packs

    ElectricUncleSam - Jul 28 2015 06:48 PM

    Basically, I've been playing the RCT series for years. As well, I'm a total coaster geek, and hav...

  • dpitschPhoto
    Windows 8.1 Problem

    dpitsch - Jul 20 2015 03:43 AM

    I am using 8cars 1.3.2, but I don't have a Win 200 emulation option. Only XP sp2, and sp3, and win 7

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Downloading Track Packs

28 Jul 2015

Posted By ElectricUncleSam in RCT2 Discussion

Basically, I've been playing the RCT series for years. As well, I'm a total coaster geek, and have studied up and researched mainstream and unknown coasters for years as well. My problem is I'm a total noob (brand new) to this site/forum. When I saw that Steve Franks has been recreating many historic designs, I jumped right on them. Now, like I said, total noob here, so I figured that they were there to download and use in each of our own RCT2s. My problem is I can't fully download them. Er...-ish. I downloaded the files from the website, but I get totally lost when I open the folder. I save all of the files, but when I try to open them, it simply refreshes the same "save or open" screen. Thusly, I haven't used a single track in RCT2. Where am I messing up here, and how do I stop messing up?

  19 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Sambo )


Windows 8.1 Problem

12 Jul 2015

Posted By charliep in RCT2 Discussion

I have a Toshiba Satelite laptop with 8.1 and all the latest updates (old xp professional user - can't wait for 10)

I have downloaded Triple Thrill Pack from Good Old Games (the same version that is on my dell desktop w/windows 7)

The problems are

1) I can;t use 8 Cars to make changes. 8 cars comes up, I make a change (any change) and return to the game and one of two things happen. First most of the time the screen freezes, other times I get a message saying "This program have a problem - it is being closed.


2) After playing the game for 15-30 minutes almost always I will get the dreaded Error Trapper message and have to shut down and start again. Note: I have learned the hard way to save the game ever 5 minutes or so.


I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks

  63 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by dpitsch )


Printing Out Data

12 Jul 2015

Posted By dpitsch in RCT2 Discussion

I am curious if there is a way to print out the dat info of the dats in a game.

I know that ParkDat will show which dats are active in a particular game, what I would like is a list consisting the dat name and its description.

I try to keep track of which dats I use and if I use ParkDat to make changes I want know if I have already used it or not.

I know I could press F11 and do a search, but print out would be nicer.

  40 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by dpitsch )


Scenario Download Problem

03 Jul 2015

Posted By charliep in RCT2 Discussion

I am new to this site but have been playing for a long time.

I recently downloaded several scenarios from the downloads section.


I had no problem downloading them or playing the saved game, the problem occurs when I try to make to saved file into a regular scenario.

The process of making a scenario from a saved game works just fine and the scenario appears in the proper category, but when it comes to starting the newly made scenario I get the dreaded error trapper message.


Am I doing something wrong, what gives?

  65 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by rcthelp )

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