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Today, 03:57 AM

Posted By dpitsch in RCT 2 Technical Assistance

I screwed up and accidently changed a dat.



First off, at 1 point several years ago I downloaded a series of buildings, admin, food court, etc. About 10 in all if I remember right. Anyway I was going to use the admin bldg (it uses vintage cars) as a park entrance bldg. I looked up all the dats that I needed to build it and put them in the scenario file, however when I load the game and select vint cars, then admin bldg I get no scenery.

 To make a long story short I found that the windows in the original bldg were XXWLBR08. However when I check the saved game with ParkDat it tells me the item is XXWLBR07. So I looked in DatCheckerXP and found that BOTH XXWLBR07 and XXWLBR08 have the same object name which is XXWLBR07.


I thought I would be smart and copied XXWLBR08 from a master objDat file to my current obj file. Guess what happened, now I can't even load the old saved game with just the admin bldg on it. By coping BR08 it changed the BR07 file.


I looked up XXWLBR08 at New Element's website - nothing. Look up XXWLBR07 you find 2 entries.


What should I do, download both files and put both in my obj file?


Also does anyone remember these buildings, I am fairly certain I got them here, but I am getting old (I'm retired) and my daughter tells me she is supprised I put my shoes on the right feet. She's just jealous because she has to work!

  12 Views · 0 Replies


Save To Scenario Goes Crashy Crashy

Yesterday, 06:55 PM

Posted By ladyolivier in RCT 2 Technical Assistance

Hoping I can find some help here. Open park save with custom scenery (this beautiful park if you're interested  :)) ), save park to ensure save is as current as possible, convert saved game to scenario, save scenario, open said scenario...crash. Every time I try to do this it crashes - it's not a one time crash. I just tried it with starpoint park as well (from the same site) and got the same error so it's not park specific either. Any help here? (I'm using openrct but the crash happens in normal rct2 as well.) Runnning GOG version of game.

  97 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by ladyolivier )


Frontier Developments Announce Planet Coaster

27 Jun 2015

Posted By rcthelp in Announcements

Frontier Developments, creators of the Expansion Packs for RCT2, and developers of RCT3 and both expansions, announced a new coaster game at E3 this week.


It's called Planet Coaster and you can find out more at http://planetcoaster.com/



Frontier Developments are a British company based in Cambridge England. Amongst their investors is a certain Chris Sawyer.

  300 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by RNRMontuX )


Guess The Six Flags Theme Park

10 Nov 2012

Posted By footballfan12 in Word Games & Trivia
This theme park has a wing coaster, inverted coaster, a balloon flight, a kiddie car ride, a scrambler, a speed racer coaster, and a double decker merry go round.

  303 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by ElectricUncleSam )

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