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    Deleting Account

    - Oct 19 2016 07:05 PM

    hi id like to delete this account i made a new one 

  • SunscreemerPhoto
    Dat Maker 1.1

    Sunscreemer - Sep 09 2016 07:22 AM

    If this works you may be able to get it there (TPR is also good for other lost content for rct2)...

  • vip71Photo
    Wing Coaster Rct2?

    vip71 - Aug 01 2016 03:18 PM

    This site has an intamin wing coaster and a bunch of other coasters and waterslides.I've download...

  • Mr.AmadaeusPhoto
    Wing Coaster Rct2?

    Mr.Amadaeus - Jul 25 2016 11:59 PM

    Hello, I am brand new to this website so stick with me. I just got back from Dollywood, Kentucky...

  • ParkitectPhoto
    My Rct2 Stuff Dumped Onto Google Drive

    Parkitect - Jun 05 2016 03:22 AM

    I was looking through old archive disks for parks to play on open RCT2.  In the process of w...

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Deleting Account

19 Oct 2016

Posted By Guest_xcmattkx_* in Discussion

hi id like to delete this account i made a new one 

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Dat Maker 1.1

14 Feb 2011

Posted By Austin1400 in RCT2 Discussion
I have entered my objects into the dat maker. I need help on how to put in a image for the description. Any suggestions?

  1,217 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Sunscreemer )


Wing Coaster Rct2?

25 Jul 2016

Posted By Mr.Amadaeus in Coasters
Hello, I am brand new to this website so stick with me. I just got back from Dollywood, Kentucky Kingdom, and Holiday World, and as part of the withdrawal I am back into playing rct2 and have started getting mods which I am also new to. I don't know if this is where to ask or not but does anyone know where I could find a wing coaster mod, like Gatekeep or X Flight? Or if that has even been made for rct2?

  144 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by vip71 )


My Rct2 Stuff Dumped Onto Google Drive

05 Jun 2016

Posted By Parkitect in RCT2 Discussion

I was looking through old archive disks for parks to play on open RCT2.  In the process of which I found a lot of old RCT2 files, including the entire source code for 8 Cars per Trainer.  Back around 2007, I thought about posting a lot of my source code online, but didn't have the space for it.  Now it is easy to do so with the cloud storage on Google Drive.  I went ahead and posted all of the stuff in my archive.  You can now browse my master RCT2 folder and explore. 


Things you may find include:

  • Full source code for the 8cars trainer and many of my other utilties, including the failed SV426 park converter.  Also Includes:
    • A blank park maker that I tried to use for debugging parks created by SV426
    • Source code for Rct2lib.dll, a library used by many of my distributed utilities
    • ParkDat source and release versions
    • Landmark Maker (large scenery) source and release versions. 
    • Palette maker executables and sample BMP files, but no source.
  • All my RCT2 parks of note, many of which are filled with guests and ready for play in OpenRCT2, including
    • An unfinished park with a medieval theme called Medieval Tales, which has a single Camelot themed area and a cool dueling coaster
    • Cactus Mesa, a traditional Amusement park set in the southwestern desert
    • Rival Land, a park based on college football
    • The Great Outdoors and The Continents, two VP runner-up parks with identical layouts in a "Johnland" series
    • The popular Back to the Future park with its RCT2-unfriendly paths.  This park was originally going to be a team deal with the shortlived RCT Golden.
    • recreations of Six Flags over Georgia and Knott's Berry Farm
    • some small contest and experimental parks
    • Sagalax, a sci-fi, story-driven park heavily 'borrowing' from Star Wars, but with my own spin; also a VP runner-up;  instead of paths between themed areas, you have to ride a space ship down a starfield corridor.
    • Sunset Bay, one of the first parks that I started on, and one of the last that I finished.  Started in 2003, finished in 2007.
  • Ride projects including the ones I made for the Sagalax park
  • A giant tech folder including spreadsheets on many RCT1&2 formats, scratch pads where you can see my process for finding data areas, and dumps from file comparing utilities I made for the express purpose of examining changes in files and memory based on simple edits in RCT2.
  • Personal information that I carelessly left in the folders before uploading (I hope not)



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