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Almost Exact Rct1 Scenario Recreations

30 May 2013

Posted By Crappage in RCT 2 Track & Scenario Editor
I'm starting a new thread due to updated information. I completely overhauled my previous scenario pack. Here's the link...


...and the included Readme info:

This pack of scenarios is an attempt to remake all of the scenarios from RCT1 for RCT2 as accurately as possible, right down to the research order and staff uniform colors, and without using any Wacky Worlds, Time Twister, or custom scenery. Other users such as dakinle and RCTScenarioLover did a good job making their own while including some RCT2 extras into the mix, but I felt that this took away the good old "feel" of the original scenarios and decided to redo the build menus and research trees as exact as possible to the originals (with some exceptions, listed in the details), courtesy of rcthelp's Reaserch Trees on RCT Station. I think that this maintains the nostalgic feel and, for some scenarios, the challenge. All parks were re-categorized so that the Original RCTs are under Beginner, Corkscrew Follies under Challenging, and Loopy Landscapes under Expert. Rainbow Valley isn't exactly a beginner park, but it best resembles RCT1's categorization.

Here are some details about this scenario pack:

-The new RCT2 train types are included in the Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes scenarios, (Floorless Suspended Swinging coaster, Mini Coaster cars and toboggans, etc which are not considered a separate ride in RCT2).
-The default selected scenery when starting up the Scenario Editor (curved roof, support structure, queue line TV, etc) were also included, since for some reason when importing a landscape over from RCT1 it doesn't have them selected.
-Fixed those annoying un-purchasable land blocks in some scenarios like Pacific Pyramids and Urban Park.
-The unnamed rollercoasters in some scenarios were given names.
-Due to RCT2's contruction rights bug over the guests' entrance path, Bumbly Beach now has guests come from one edge of the map only, so rights can be purchased over at least one path. Nevermore Park's entrance was also moved up in front of the first rollercoaster station, but guests can still use the center path.
-Fiasco Forest and Alton Towers now have a Spiral Coaster in place of RCT1's Steel Mini versions of Whiplash and Black Hole, respectively.
-Heide-Park's Grottenblitz is now a Mine Ride instead of a Mine Train Coaster because that's what it is in real life.
-Loan interest rates for Sprightly Park and Blackpool Pleasure Beach are set to 2%, which is slightly more than in RCT1, but still manageable. The rates in Alton Towers and Heide-Park are set to 1% because rides can't have fees with a park entry fee like in RCT1, making it harder to sustain income.
-Panda World, an official scenario by Chris Sawyer, is included in this pack.

Let me know if you have any questions or find something that's broken.

  2,671 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Crappage )


Want To Complete Your Rct Collection At A Bargain Price?

10 Sep 2014

Posted By rcthelp in Computer Discussion

GOG are selling RCT Deluxe and RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack at 68% discount for the next 24 hours!


RCT Deluxe


RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack

  37 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by rcthelp )


Drexler Patch For Rct Deluxe?

09 Sep 2014

Posted By rcthelp in Utilities and Trainers

Most of the fan created content for RCT1, including trainers, will not work with the version of RCT (Deluxe) that is being distributed by STEAM and GOG.


To use this content and trainers, RCT1 needs the Drexler Patch to function properly, but the patch has not been updated since the Loopy Landscapes patch for version 1.20.013 of the game.


The creator of the patch has always said that they will provide the source code for anybody who wants to try and update it.


Well, I have the source code! All I need now is some help in debugging the RCT Deluxe code to find out where the new locations are that need patching.


Please reply here, or send me a PM if you'd be able to help.

  39 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Sambo )


Save A Track Design With Footpaths/queues

31 Aug 2014

Posted By rcthelp in RCT 2 Technical Assistance

I am trying to save a track design to include the queue that was built, and some other scenery. There are 2 weird things going on.

  • Even though I design and test it in the Rollercoaster Designer, and build it at ground level, it absolutely refuses to go in any park at ground level. It's always 5 feet above, on supports.
  • Then in a park, where I place it, then build the entrance and exit, some footpaths and queue tiles, and a few other pieces of scenery, and save it with the scenery, 2 more things happen
    • In the preview mode, the game doesn't show a picture of what it will look like. I don't mean that it shows the ride with some red text about the scenery not being available, I mean no picture at all!
    • When I do place it in the park, the footpaths are 5 feet too low, so placing the entrance and exits back where they were, they don't join up with the paths!

Has anybody else ever seen anything like this?

  55 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Doctor J )

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