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    Welcome To The Masters Palette

    KaiBueno - Oct 06 2019 11:18 PM

    Released! https://www.nedesigns.com/park/4690/the-masters-palette/

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    Welcome To The Masters Palette

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    The Reunion Topic

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    12 years after this topic started, people are re-reunioning. I think.  :>

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Welcome To The Masters Palette

29 Aug 2010

Posted By Mama Bear in CZ: RCT2 Parks
Over 7 years in the making, four 128x128 canvases, 25 areas, 24 artists and 16 RCT Masters members.
The objective, though unusual, was simple: Pick an artist (painter, sculptor, architect etc.) of your liking and express your admiration RCT-wise!
The participating members were free to build just a ride, theme the area partly or theme it completely. When they decided to go for one of the first two, I completed the theming for them with respect for both the chosen artist’ and the member’s style.
I made 4 canvases, 128x128 each with the entrance in a corner so that when the four were combined the entrances connected in the centre.

Posted Image
Here you see the four entrances combined.

Three of the four give you already a slight indication of what you can expect on that canvas.
The fourth, actually the north entrance, doesn’t say much of what is on the canvas for the working title was: miscellaneous.
The south canvas had as working title: modern, the west canvas: classical and the east canvas: Impressionism, Fauvism and Surrealism (and the like. There were so many –isms in those days).
The canvases have only few custom items. There wasn’t that much in those days. The north and south only have some ¼ tile blocks and some roofs by Toon. The south also has two objects especially made for the project by The Judge and Toon!
The west and east were made somewhat later and they also have some early RCT-fun scenery( I made some sunflowers for the project, guess for which painter that was, lol) and a few things by Oppie and Couger.
I picked the project up when I became active again a few weeks back and it is now almost completed. Next to testing , naming, fine-tuning, etc., there’s just one area left to fill. I asked RCTNW if he would like to fill it, but he doesn’t have time, so if there is any other RCT Masters member (it doesn’t matter if you have left the club long ago as long as you have been a member) still active and would feel like it, let me know. Mind you though, you will only have a few weeks( like 2-3 max) since I really want to have this project released this time!! The area is on the south canvas and therefore has to be “modern” and there are very few custom objects so it will be a challenge!
If all else fails I’ll do it myself. I’m thinking about Frank Lloyd Wright but it will not be easy with the custom objects available.

Posted Image
Here they are. And yes, in the middle are the two objects made for The Judge’s contribution. Can you guess the artist?

In the coming days/weeks I will give info and screenshots of each canvas, one at a time.

Mama Bear
PS. The whole project is as peep-friendly as possible given the size of the canvases and the complexity.

  2,695 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by KaiBueno )


We've Moved (Again)

08 Jul 2019

Posted By rcthelp in Announcements

rctspace has embraced the 21st century, and gone into the public cloud.

We'll be tuning over the next few weeks to minimize our running costs whilst delivering something that's responsive for visitors.

We'll also be getting rid of that annoying "not secure" message that people get when they visit with modern browsers.

We might also upgrade the board software, and switch registrations back on....

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The Future Of Rct Space...?

23 Nov 2013

Posted By RCT Secenario Lover in Discussion
I don't want to have to say this, but I can't really let this stay inside me for much longer.

It's been legitimately three months since this Roller Coaster Tycoon fan site has had any substantial activity. Sure, it's hasn't been that active to begin with in the past couple of years, but I truly think this site is on its last legs. I don't want it to go to its rest either, but look at how barren these forums are. Heck, I saw rcthelp pop in for a bit of a spell before leaving just as fast.

I know this community has spent a good deal of the past decade celebrating this game with amazing parks, cool track designs, and the like. But in this day and age (or at least until Chris Sawyer maybe ports the original games to iOS or something), the RCT community has either transfered to New Element or just stuck around little niche areas of the internet. I might see videos of people playing this series on YouTube, but it doesn't give me the same satisfaction as opening a park and looking into it at its various and plentiful details. It doesn't give me the same feeling of going onto an internet forum and partaking in the wonder and awe that comes from sharing your projects.

...you're probably looking at this post right now and saying "What do you, RCT Scenario Lover, have to say about anything regarding this site? You're a brat who slandered rcthelp when he wouldn't accept your RCT1 remakes. wabigbear was right to tell you off and close your topic, tainting your reputation on this forum." I'm not defending my actions at all, you know. I deserved to be told off. By the time I remade the entire first game on RCT Revalutions, I realized how much a dumbo I was back then. I mean, this is the first thing I ever really said on this site:

"Yep, I'm taking control now! I'm fufilling dakinle's project of recreating Original RCT Secenarios!"

I wasn't even 13 years old, and I was throwing myself out there like a government bigshot. I denied the backlash for some time, but when I came to realize my repercussions, I just couldn't stand to post on this forum anymore. Every time I posted about something thereafter, I flinched as if a moderator was about to come 'round and smack me with a probation for being a goof. At one point, I couldn't take it, and I just left.

And in the past three years, RCT Space has steadily declined. All the previous community members have finally left to focus on their real lives. I'm not saying they shouldn't have, you know. It's good that they're working on something that isn't just a hobby. But at this point, I even wonder if this site is worth keeping up if I'm just going to check back every couple of days, click that New Content link, and see nothing but tumbleweeds.

...I don't want it to fade away. But I can't look at my previous remakes thread without experiencing some horrid form of PTSD, either. I guess what I should be saying now...is that I wish some of the other communities that still exist in the RCT niches of the internet could migrate here and give this website a new life. If someone could delete my disaster of a reign here remaking the original scenarios, tidy up the general forums a bit...maybe this site could become as glorious as a phoenix.

In closing, I just want to say a few things to the people that frequented this forum.

Sambo, you're a good man to have kept this site moving along for so long. It's lasted more than RCT Station, which is truly saying something. I hope you can keep it in this archival-like format for some time.

rcthelp, I know you left a full month ago, but thank you for letting me accept my previous demons regarding this forum. I hope your life outside of RCT is going well.

wabigbear, if you're even still out there...thank you for letting me realize that I was wrong to commandeer someone's else work like dakinle's. Sure, I still might have been inspired by him to work those remakes out, but I could've done without having my own topic, and my own stupid internet persona, sully the whole affair with mud. Even if you don't play this game anymore, at least know that I've changed my ways for the better.

To anyone else who I've interacted with on RCT Space, keep hope alive, friends. This is one heck of a great game from the mind of one great man. It's something that brings us all together. I can only hope that at some point, we can be together in such harmony again.

Thank you. :)

~RCT Scenario Lover (AJ Carrillo)

(P.S.: I'm sorry if I effort-posted the heck out of this forum, but I hope you understand my position.)

  3,113 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by RCTtom )


Rollercoaster Tycoon Turns 20

02 Apr 2019

Posted By rcthelp in Announcements
This weekend just passed, on 29th March I believe, Rollercoaster Tycoon celebrated its 20th birthday.

It feels longer ago, given the number of hours I dedicated to the game, this site, writing game helpers like Access and PiNGer, and collaborating with the likes of Greg Wolking, Henry Winklestein and Steve Franks on the Ride Exchange and Track Packs.

Harder to believe, I realise now that the game was released when my youngest child was just 8 weeks old. She's now at university, and we still very occasionally play RCT3 together.

Tomorrow my new Windows 10 PC is due, I guess that will mark the end of my RCT playing days. Factorio is my passion now.

  1,009 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Doctor J )

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