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New Coaster Games Are Like London Buses...

18 Nov 2016

Posted By rcthelp in Announcements

...you wait and wait in line in vain for ages, and then 2 suddenly come along at once!

Rollercoaster Tycoon World (RCTW) launched on 16th November and Planet Coaster (PC) on 17th November.


So far Planet Coaster seems to be getting the better reviews. Some may be tempted by the 'branding' on RCTW, but the developers of RCTW were not involved with the previous titles. Planet Coaster on the other hand, was developed by Frontier Developments, who wrote both the RCT2 expansions, and RCT3 and both expansions too.


I hated the RCT2 expansions with its oversized scenery, I hated RCT3 period because of the (IMO) crappy AI. But I'm impressed by PC and the way the Frontier are building a community for the game.


Both are available on STEAM, with PC so far having a more favourable rating (And more players) but there does seem to be a lot 'fan boy' fighting between fans of each game.


Planet Coaster: http://store.steampo...com/app/493340/


Rollercoaster Tycoon World: http://store.steampo...com/app/282560/


Who is playing what (on STEAM): http://steamcharts.c...560,2700,285330

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Rct Classic And Open Rct2 Compatibility

24 Nov 2020

Posted By Woodpecker in Steve Franks Track Packs

Hi everyone,


Recently Steve Franks sent me an email asking about RCT Classic and Open RCT2.  I don't have either package currently but here is what he said:


"My hope for RCT Classic would be it to accept all the old scenery, including the expansions and allow me to import my old "finished" tracks. AND I would give my soul to have the woody 15 degree banked track restored. I never recovered from that takeaway. Realistic block brakes would also be a god send.


I like the potential and promise of RCT Open, but what are the downsides of it all? Any I better off just to stand pat?"


Is anyone here able to answer his questions? :)

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Mineral Basin

25 Nov 2008

Posted By Todd Lee in CZ: RCT2 Parks
I haven't posted a screen since Mama Bear and I finished II. Here's a solo project that I am working on.
Posted Image

Posted Image

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Welcome To The Masters Palette

29 Aug 2010

Posted By Mama Bear in CZ: RCT2 Parks
Over 7 years in the making, four 128x128 canvases, 25 areas, 24 artists and 16 RCT Masters members.
The objective, though unusual, was simple: Pick an artist (painter, sculptor, architect etc.) of your liking and express your admiration RCT-wise!
The participating members were free to build just a ride, theme the area partly or theme it completely. When they decided to go for one of the first two, I completed the theming for them with respect for both the chosen artist’ and the member’s style.
I made 4 canvases, 128x128 each with the entrance in a corner so that when the four were combined the entrances connected in the centre.

Posted Image
Here you see the four entrances combined.

Three of the four give you already a slight indication of what you can expect on that canvas.
The fourth, actually the north entrance, doesn’t say much of what is on the canvas for the working title was: miscellaneous.
The south canvas had as working title: modern, the west canvas: classical and the east canvas: Impressionism, Fauvism and Surrealism (and the like. There were so many –isms in those days).
The canvases have only few custom items. There wasn’t that much in those days. The north and south only have some Ľ tile blocks and some roofs by Toon. The south also has two objects especially made for the project by The Judge and Toon!
The west and east were made somewhat later and they also have some early RCT-fun scenery( I made some sunflowers for the project, guess for which painter that was, lol) and a few things by Oppie and Couger.
I picked the project up when I became active again a few weeks back and it is now almost completed. Next to testing , naming, fine-tuning, etc., there’s just one area left to fill. I asked RCTNW if he would like to fill it, but he doesn’t have time, so if there is any other RCT Masters member (it doesn’t matter if you have left the club long ago as long as you have been a member) still active and would feel like it, let me know. Mind you though, you will only have a few weeks( like 2-3 max) since I really want to have this project released this time!! The area is on the south canvas and therefore has to be “modern” and there are very few custom objects so it will be a challenge!
If all else fails I’ll do it myself. I’m thinking about Frank Lloyd Wright but it will not be easy with the custom objects available.

Posted Image
Here they are. And yes, in the middle are the two objects made for The Judge’s contribution. Can you guess the artist?

In the coming days/weeks I will give info and screenshots of each canvas, one at a time.

Mama Bear
PS. The whole project is as peep-friendly as possible given the size of the canvases and the complexity.

  3,094 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by KaiBueno )

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